Manuel Lisa Photo

Manuel Lisa

Born: Sep 8, 1772

Death: Aug 12, 1820

Birthplace: New Orleans

Nationality: Spain

Manuel Lisa

Date of Birth : Sep 8, 1772
Date of Death : Aug 12, 1820
Birth Place : New Orleans

Manuel Lisa, also known as Manuel de Lisa, was a Spanish fur trader, explorer, and United States Indian agent. He was among the founders in St. Louis of the Missouri Fur Company, an early fur trading company. Lisa gained respect through his trading among Native American tribes of the upper Missouri River region, such as the Teton Sioux, Omaha and Ponca. After being appointed as US Indian agent during the War of 1812, Lisa used his standing among the tribes to encourage their alliance with the United States and their warfare against tribes allied with the United Kingdom. Although he was already married to a European-American woman in St. Louis, where he kept a residence, in 1814 Lisa married Mitain, a daughter of Big Elk, the principal chief of the Omaha people, as part of securing their alliance. They had two children together, whom Lisa provided for equally in his will with his children by his official marriage.

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