Margaret Rudkin Photo

Margaret Rudkin

Born: Sep 14, 1897

Death: Jun 1, 1967

Birthplace: New York City

Nationality: United States

Margaret Rudkin

Date of Birth : Sep 14, 1897
Date of Death : Jun 1, 1967
Birth Place : New York City

Margaret Rudkin, of Fairfield, Connecticut, was the founder of Pepperidge Farm. Born in Manhattan, she was the eldest of five children of Joseph and Margaret "Healey" Fogarty. She was taught to cook by her grandmother, who started her off with cakes and biscuits. She moved to Long Island when she was 12. Rudkin graduated valedictorian from her high school; afterwards, she worked as a teller in a bank. In 1919, Rudkin got a job with McClure Jones and Co., where she met her future husband, Henry Albert Rudkin. They were married on April 8, 1923, and together they had three sons. In 1926, the two purchased land in Fairfield, built a home and called the estate Pepperidge Farm after the pepperidge tree "Nyssa sylvatica". Although fairly well off, they suffered somewhat during the Great Depression and made ends meet by selling apples and turkeys. Margaret Rudkin was inspired to found Pepperidge Farm due to her son Mark's asthma, whose reactions to preservatives and artificial ingredients prevented him from eating the town's bread. Rudkin was devastated that her son couldn't enjoy the bread, so she decided she would create a non-allergic bread for him.

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