Martin Sostre Photo

Martin Sostre

Born: Mar 20, 1923

Birthplace: Harlem

Nationality: United States

Martin Sostre

Date of Birth : Mar 20, 1923
Birth Place : Harlem

Martin Ramirez Sostre is an American activist. He served time in Attica prison during the early 1960s, where he embraced doctrines as diverse as Black Muslimism, Black nationalism, Internationalism, and finally anarchism. In 1966 Sostre opened the first Afro-Asian Bookstore at 1412 Jefferson in Buffalo, New York. For its somewhat short existence, Sostre's bookstore was a center for radical thought and education in the Buffalo ghetto. As Sostre details: I taught continually - giving out pamphlets free to those who had no money. I let them sit and read for hours in the store. Some would come back every day and read the same book until they finished it. This was the opportunity I had dreamed about - to be able to help my people by increasing the political awareness of the youth. Sostre was arrested at his bookstore on July 14, 1967 for "narcotics, riot, arson, and assault". He was convicted and sentenced to serve forty-one years and thirty days. Sostre became a jailhouse lawyer, regularly acting as legal counsel to other inmates and winning two landmark legal cases involving prisoner rights: Sostre v. Rockefeller and Sostre v. Otis.

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