Mary Katherine Goddard Photo

Mary Katherine Goddard

Death: Aug 12, 1816

Birthplace: New England

Nationality: United States

Mary Katherine Goddard

Date of Death : Aug 12, 1816
Birth Place : New England

Mary Katherine Goddard was an early American publisher and the first American postmaster. She was the first to print the Declaration of Independence with the names of the signatories. Mary Katherine Goddard was born in Connecticut in 1738. She was the daughter of Dr. Giles Goddard and Sarah Updike Goddard. Her father was the postmaster of New London, which could explain why Mary and her brother had long careers and natural interest in the postal system and the printing business. Her brother, William Goddard, was a few years younger than his sister and had served an apprenticeship in the printing trade. The Goddards set up a printing press and published Providence's first newspaper, the Providence Gazette. However, William left Rhode Island to start a newspaper in Philadelphia. William also had been the publisher and printer of a revolutionary journal called "The Maryland Journal". Mary Goddard took control of the journal in 1774 while her brother was traveling to promote his Constitutional Post; she continued to publish it throughout the American Revolutionary War until 1784. Her brother forced her to give up the newspaper amid an acrimonious quarrel.

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