Matthew VanDyke Photo

Matthew VanDyke

Born: Jun 11, 1979

Birthplace: Baltimore

Profession: Film Producer

Nationality: United States

Matthew VanDyke

Date of Birth : Jun 11, 1979
Birth Place : Baltimore

Matthew VanDyke is an American documentary filmmaker, revolutionary, and former journalist. He gained notoriety during the Libyan Civil War as a foreign fighter on the side of the uprising and as a prisoner of war. As a journalist and documentary filmmaker, VanDyke traveled throughout North Africa and the Middle East by motorcycle from 2007–2011. His experiences and observations during these four years led him to join the Libyan Civil War as a rebel fighter. VanDyke has publicly supported Arab spring revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa and has worked as a filmmaker in the Syrian Civil War and fought as an armed combatant.


  • Film Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Journalist
  • Filmmaker
  • Filibuster

Also known as

  • Matt VanDyke


  • Sharon VanDyke


  • Lauren Fischer
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