Michael Kovats Photo

Michael Kovats

Death: May 11, 1779

Birthplace: Karcag

Nationality: Hungary

Michael Kovats

Date of Death : May 11, 1779
Birth Place : Karcag

Michael Kovats de Fabriczy [Hungarian: Kovats Mihaly] was a Hungarian cavalry officer who served in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, in which he was killed in action. Casimir Pulaski and Kovats are known as the Founding Fathers of the US Cavalry. Kovats was born Kovats Mihaly in Karcag, Hungary. In English historical records his family name is sometimes spelled "Kowatz" or "Kowatsch". A nobleman, he became an officer in the Hungarian cavalry under Maria Theresa. He later became captain in the famous Prussian Cavalry, serving under Frederick the Great. After learning about the American Revolution, he offered his sword to the American ambassador in France, Benjamin Franklin. He wrote: "Most Illustrious Sir: "Golden freedom cannot be purchased with yellow gold." "I, who have the honor to present this letter to your Excellency, am also following the call of the Fathers of the Land, as the pioneers of freedom always did. I am a free man and a Hungarian.

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