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Mindy Robinson

Born: Feb 14, 1980

Birthplace: Fall River

Profession: Actor

Nationality: United States

Mindy Robinson

Date of Birth : Feb 14, 1980
Birth Place : Fall River

Mindy Robinson graduated from Bristol County Agricultural High School in Dighton, Massachusetts with the Class of 1998. She later attended California State University at San Bernardino and graduated in 2006 with a BA in American History. Per her modelmayhem page, her measurements are 32-24-36 with a DD cup, and she weighs 106 lbs. Mindy Robinson has appeared in over 50 films, TV shows, web series, magazines and music videos, but she is most known for appearing as herself on Fox’s “Take Me Out With George Lopez”. She said, “I’m witty, I have big boobs, I’m easily cast on dating shows” (horrorbug.com). She added, “I’m really at my best when I get to just show off my personality. A lot of actors snub reality shows but I think getting known and recognized for just being yourself is one of the best feelings in the world. I’ll always be a comedic actress at heart too, I’m not trying to perform Hamlet, you know. Entertainment should be entertaining.” Though she models for fun, acting is where her heart is. “I like to talk.” Mindy Robinson burst onto the horror scene in 2011 in “Mansion of Blood.” She said she grew up watching horror movies and “there’s something about watching the most horrible things happen to people from the safe distance of your sofa.” But she hates it when characters act irrationally. “It’s hard to empathize with people when you’re yelling at them for being stupid and making decisions no human being who wants to survive makes.” Mindy Robinson said she was bullied growing up. “Kids would call me ugly because I was super skinny with huge buck teeth. Braces fixed most of that so that middle school and high school it improved but you carry that around with you for the rest of your life you know.” She added, “I feel like it made me develop a personality and not rely on everybody doing everything for me.” Her dream role would be “any role that can get me on the Starship Enterprise.” Her least favorite smell is “B.O. isn’t very nice. There’s always those people that are hippies and refuse to wear deodorant. You know what else is toxic, your stinky arm pits.” The actress that she looks up to is Goldie Hawn. “She was gorgeous and funny…and maybe I look like her a little bit, too.” She is not a fan of Gary Busey. “He’s just a scum bucket. My first movie that I ever did was with him.” Mindy Robinson said about dating in LA, “The guys out here are nicer but there’s a fakeness to it…I get stood-up a lot here. Guys get ‘busy.’ They’re so busy they can’t send a text message.” Mindy Robinson lives in Hollywood, CA.


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  • Model
  • Comedian
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