Nguy?n Chanh Thi Photo

Nguy?n Chanh Thi

Born: Feb 23, 1923

Death: Jun 23, 2007

Birthplace: Hue

Nationality: United States

Nguy?n Chanh Thi

Date of Birth : Feb 23, 1923
Date of Death : Jun 23, 2007
Birth Place : Hue

Nguy?n Chanh Thi was an officer in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. He is best known for being involved in frequent coups in the 1960s and wielding substantial influence as a key member of various juntas that ruled South Vietnam from 1964 until 1966, when he was overpowered by Vietnam Air Force chief and Prime Minister Nguy?n Cao K? in a power struggle and exiled to the United States. Known for his flamboyant style and hostility to U.S. advice, Thi's ouster was supported by the American leadership, who backed K?'s pro-U.S. regime. Thi joined the French Army at the age of 17 and was captured by Japan after they invaded French Indochina during World War II. After several months he escaped. He later transferred to the Vietnamese National Army of the French-backed State of Vietnam, which, in October 1955, became the ARVN and Republic of Vietnam, respectively. A paratrooper, he fought for then-Prime Minister Ngo ?inh Di?m against the Binh Xuyen organized crime syndicate in the 1955 Battle for Saigon. Impressed by Thi's performance, Di?m referred to him as "my son" and put him in command of the Airborne Brigade.

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