Pedro de Ampudia Photo

Pedro de Ampudia

Born: Jan 30, 1805

Death: Aug 7, 1868

Birthplace: Havana

Nationality: United States

Pedro de Ampudia

Date of Birth : Jan 30, 1805
Date of Death : Aug 7, 1868
Birth Place : Havana

Pedro Nolasco Martin Jose Maria de la Candelaria Francisco Javier Ampudia y Grimarest was born in Havana, Cuba, and served Mexico as a Northern army officer for most of his life. At various points he was the governor of Tabasco, Yucatan, and Nuevo Leon. He also served a short term as Secretary of National Defense under President Benito Juarez. Ampudia began his career in the Spanish army, and emigrated to Mexico following the Mexican War of Independence. In 1836, Ampudia served with the Mexican artillery at the Siege of the Alamo and later saw heavy combat at the Battle of San Jacinto. During border skirmishes with Texas in the early 1840s, Ampudia commanded the 350-man garrison of Ciudad Mier which was attacked on December 26, 1842, by Texan militia. In a bloody two-day battle, over 600 Mexicans were killed but they eventually forced the enemy to surrender, earning the grudging respect of the Texans across the border. Briefly appointed as commander-in-chief of the Mexican Army of the North in 1846, Ampudia was removed from command following the brutal public execution of a local guerrilla leader on his personal orders.

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