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Pedro Maria de Anaya

Born: May 20, 1795

Death: Mar 21, 1854

Birthplace: Huichapan

Nationality: United States

Pedro Maria de Anaya

Date of Birth : May 20, 1795
Date of Death : Mar 21, 1854
Birth Place : Huichapan

Pedro Bernardino Maria de Anaya was a military officer who served twice as interim president of Mexico from 1847 to 1848. He also played an important role during the Mexican-American War. He was born on 20 May 1795 in San Mateo de Huichapan, a town located in the modern-day state of Hidalgo. His parents were Pedro Jose Anaya y Maldonado and Maria Antonia de Alvarez, both Spaniards. He started his military career in the Royal Army in 1810, as a cadet in the company of Tres Villas. In June 1821 he joined the rebel army fighting for independence. In 1847, after the victory of the invading U.S. Army in the Battle of Padierna, the Mexican battalions of Independencia and Bravo were attacked in the convent of Santa Maria de Churubusco convent. This confrontation is known as the Battle of Churubusco, and the Mexican army was bravely commanded by Pedro Maria Anaya. When General Anaya was asked by General Twiggs to surrender his ammunition after the end of the battle, he was reputed to have replied, "If I had any ammunition, you would not be here".

Also known as

  • Pedro Maria de Anaya
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