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Phil Tucker

Born: May 22, 1927

Death: Nov 30, 1985

Birthplace: Kansas City

Profession: Film Producer

Nationality: United States

Phil Tucker

Date of Birth : May 22, 1927
Date of Death : Nov 30, 1985
Birth Place : Kansas City

Phil Tucker was an American film director, writer, producer, and Film editor. While Tucker directed his first six feature films in the span of two years, he is best known for his first film, the science fiction B movie Robot Monster, often considered an example of "so bad it's good" film-making in the Ed Wood vein, and for the Lenny Bruce movie Dance Hall Racket. In 1952 he was reportedly offered $300,000 to make a sympathetic biopic about Lucky Luciano. In December 1953 he attempted suicide in response to the poor reception of Robot Monster and his subsequent inability to find work. According to Keep Watching The Skies! by Bill Warren, his attempted suicide was actually fueled by depression and a dispute with the film's distributor, who had allegedly refused to pay Tucker his contracted percentage of the film's profits. There are further claims that after 1955, Tucker was blacklisted within the film industry, though he did go on to direct a number of other productions, including 1960's The Cape Canaveral Monsters. Year prior, Tucker directed Lenny Bruce and Bruce's wife Honey Harlow in 1953's Dance Hall Racket.


  • Film Producer
  • Writer
  • Screenwriter
  • Film director
  • Film Editor
  • Television Editor

Also known as

  • Phillip Jay Tucker
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