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Rachel Haden

Born: Oct 11, 1971

Birthplace: New York City

Profession: Singer

Nationality: United States

Rachel Haden

Date of Birth : Oct 11, 1971
Birth Place : New York City

Rachel Haden is an American musician and one of the triplet daughters of jazz bassist Charlie Haden. In the early 1990s, Rachel played bass guitar for That Dog, a band that also included her sister Petra. Her sister Tanya also contributed cello on several That Dog recordings but did not tour as an official member of the band. Around this time Rachel also played drums and performed backup vocals for Beck on the songs "Totally Confused" and "Steve Threw Up”. She also played drums for Beck’s “Pink Noise". Later, Rachel became one of the four early members of the band The Rentals, along with Rod Cervera, Weezer’s Patrick Wilson and Matt Sharp. In 1996, she performed lead vocals on Weezer’s song “I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams”, the only released Weezer song to feature female lead vocals. This song was originally written for the abandoned Songs from the Black Hole album. Rachel was Rivers Cuomo's choice to play the "good girl" character, Laurel. As a special encore surprise for the audience, Rachel performed “I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams” with Weezer in the Hard Rock's "The Joint" in Las Vegas, NV on Friday January 21, 2011.


  • Singer

Also known as

  • Haden, Rachel


  • Charlie Haden
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