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Raymond E. Brown

Born: May 22, 1928

Death: Aug 8, 1998

Birthplace: New York City

Nationality: United States

Raymond E. Brown

Date of Birth : May 22, 1928
Date of Death : Aug 8, 1998
Birth Place : New York City

Raymond Edward Brown, S.S., was an American Roman Catholic priest, a member of the Sulpician Fathers and a prominent Biblical scholar of his era. He was regarded as a specialist concerning the hypothetical ‘Johannine community’, which he speculated contributed to the authorship of the Gospel of John, and he also wrote influential studies on the birth and death of Jesus. Brown was professor emeritus at the Protestant Union Theological Seminary in New York, where he taught for 29 years. He was the first Roman Catholic professor to gain tenure there, where he earned a reputation as a superior lecturer. Brown was one of the first Roman Catholic scholars to apply historical-critical analysis to the Bible. As biblical criticism developed in the 19th century, the Roman Catholic Church opposed this scholarship and essentially forbade it in 1893. In 1943, however, the Church issued guidelines by which Catholic scholars could investigate the Bible historically. Brown called this encyclical the "Magna Carta of biblical progress." The Second Vatican Council further supported the method of higher criticism, which, Brown felt, vindicated his approach.

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  • Raymond Brown
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