Robert Kempner Photo

Robert Kempner

Born: Oct 17, 1899

Death: Aug 15, 1994

Birthplace: Berlin

Nationality: Germany

Robert Kempner

Date of Birth : Oct 17, 1899
Date of Death : Aug 15, 1994
Birth Place : Berlin

Robert Kempner was a German-born American lawyer. As a law student Kempner sat as in observer in the trial against Soghomon Tehlirian, who had assassinated Talaat Pasha in 1921, and made his defence an impeachment on the Armenian Genocide and Talaat's involvement in it. After finishing his studies Kempner became a successful Jewish lawyer in Berlin during the 1920s who then advancing to chief legal advisor to the Prussian police in 1928. In 1935 Wilhelm Frick revoked Kempner's German citizenship, forcing him to emigrate to Italy and then later to the United States. After World War II Kempner returned to Germany, the land of his birth, to serve as assistant U.S. chief counsel during the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. In a reversal of fortune, Kempner would prosecute two of his former superiors and persecutors — Goring and Frick. More familiar with the German legal system than any other member of the Allied staff, Kempner headed the Defense Rebuttal Section, the team responsible for anticipating the defense strategies of the accused and for preparing cross-examinations. Kempner also presented the case against his old nemesis Wilhelm Frick.

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