Ron Hennessey Photo

Ron Hennessey

Born: Oct 11, 1929

Death: Apr 29, 1999

Nationality: United States

Ron Hennessey

Date of Birth : Oct 11, 1929
Date of Death : Apr 29, 1999

Father Ron Hennessey was a Roman Catholic priest and missionary. He worked in Central America for thirty-five years and was a witness to State terror against civilians where he served in Guatemala and El Salvador. He was the brother of two notable activist sisters, Sister Dorothy Hennessey and Sister Gwen Hennessey. Hennessey was an Iowa farmer who served in the Korean War. After returning from the war he joined Maryknoll, a Catholic missionary society and was sent to Guatemala. He was an opponent of Ronald Reagan's policies in Central America. He worked and lived in Guatemala and in El Salvador from 1964 until his death in 1999.

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