Salvatore Todaro Photo

Salvatore Todaro

Death: Jun 11, 1929

Nationality: United States

Salvatore Todaro

Date of Death : Jun 11, 1929

Salvatore "Black Sam" Todaro was a Cleveland, Ohio, mobster who briefly acted as the head of the Cleveland crime family during the late 1920s, while the crime family's boss was absent from Cleveland, away in Italy overseeing personal matters. While his boss was away, the ambitious Todaro would use this opportunity to align himself with a new rising power within the Cleveland Mafia, and eventually betray his former benefactor. Todaro's birth name was Agosto Archangelo, but he later changed it to Salvatore Todaro. During Prohibition, Todaro managed sugar refineries used for creating alcohol. He oversaw the refineries for his boss, Joseph "Big Joe" Lonardo, recognized as Cleveland's first Mafia Godfather. When Lonardo traveled to Sicily in the summer of 1927, he designated Todaro as acting boss of the crime family. However, Todaro was secretly angry with Lonardo about a dispute and decided to move against him. Todaro allegedly conspired with rival mobster Joseph Porello to kill Joe Lonardo and his brother, John, when the boss returned to Cleveland from Sicily.

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