Samuel Woodfill Photo

Samuel Woodfill

Born: Jan 6, 1883

Death: Aug 10, 1951

Birthplace: Belleview

Nationality: United States

Samuel Woodfill

Date of Birth : Jan 6, 1883
Date of Death : Aug 10, 1951
Birth Place : Belleview

Samuel Woodfill was a Major in the United States Army. He was a veteran of the Philippine–American War, World War I, and World War II. Woodfill was one of the most celebrated American soldiers of the early 20th century. General John Pershing called Woodfill the most outstanding soldier in World War I. During an offensive in October 1918, he single handedly took out three German machine gun emplacements while suffering under the effect of mustard gas, and was able to successfully lead his men safely back to the American lines without casualties. At the end of the conflict, Woodfill was the most decorated American soldier to have participated in the conflict; he received the Medal of Honor, the Croix de Guerre with palm leaves, the Meriot di Guerra, and the Cross of Prince Danilo among other awards. After returning home at the end of the war, Woodfill took a number of different jobs before starting a career as an insurance salesman. He was among the three soldiers chosen to dedicate the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in 1921, joining fellow Medal of Honor recipients Charles Whittlesey and Alvin York.

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