T. Viswanathan Photo

T. Viswanathan

Born: Aug 13, 1927

Death: Sep 10, 2002

Birthplace: Chennai

Profession: Musician

Nationality: India

T. Viswanathan

Date of Birth : Aug 13, 1927
Date of Death : Sep 10, 2002
Birth Place : Chennai

Tanjore Viswanathan was a Carnatic musician specializing in the Carnatic flute and voice. His brother was the mridangam player T. Ranganathan. Viswa, as T. Viswanathan is often called, was the grandson of the legendary Veena Dhanammal, considered and remembered as the greatest exponent of Veena, the South Indian lute. Viswa was the brother of T. Balasaraswati, the greatest exponent of Bharatanatyam in the second half of the 20th century. Though hailing from the greatest musical family of his generation, Viswa sought the tutorship of Tiruppamparam Swaminatha Pillai, one of the innovators of the bamboo flute as an art musical instrument alongside T.R. Mahalingam. While a majority of South Indian flautists play with the 8-holed flute fashioned by T.R. Mahalingam, students of T. Viswanathan play with the 7-hole flute innovated by Swaminatha Pillai. Viswa combined the best musical traditions of his family and that of Swaminathan Pillai to play the flute in a uniquely vocal style, doing full justice to the lyric and lilt. In fact Viswa would very often put the flute down in the middle of his concerts and start singing, though he was not a trained voice artist.


  • Musician
  • Singer

Also known as

  • Tanjore Viswanathan


  • Jayammal
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