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Ted Gup

Born: Sep 14, 1950

Birthplace: Canton

Profession: Writer

Nationality: United States

Ted Gup

Date of Birth : Sep 14, 1950
Birth Place : Canton

Ted Gup is a writer known for his work on government secrecy. He is the author of three books, including The Book of Honor: Covert Lives and Classified Deaths at the CIA, which told the stories of previously unnamed CIA officers killed in the line of duty. Gup has been a prolific writer regarding doomsday scenarios and facilities to provide for continuity of government and the preservation of important assets of civilization, including the Mount Weather facility, as well as intelligence issues. In the 1992 Washington Post Magazine article "The Ultimate Congressional Hideaway," Gup was the first to reveal publicly the existence of a large underground bunker at West Virginia's famed Greenbrier Resort to house the Congress of the United States in case of a nuclear attack on Washington, DC, a revelation still considered controversial two decades after its publication. Those opposed to the revelation note that the exposure rendered the $14,000,000 taxpayer-funded bunker useless and led to its decommissioning. Gup defended the story in a 2009 interview with Cleveland's Plain Dealer, arguing that the Greenbrier bunker was obsolete in 1992.


  • Writer
  • Journalist
  • Professor
  • Author

Awards Won

  • Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts, US & Canada
  • Goldsmith Book Prize for Trade
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