Thomas Berger Photo

Thomas Berger

Born: Jul 20, 1924

Death: Jul 13, 2014

Birthplace: Cincinnati

Profession: Writer

Nationality: United States

Thomas Berger

Date of Birth : Jul 20, 1924
Date of Death : Jul 13, 2014
Birth Place : Cincinnati

Thomas Louis Berger was an American novelist. Probably best known for his picaresque novel Little Big Man and the subsequent film by Arthur Penn, Berger explored and manipulated many genres of fiction throughout his career, including the crime novel, the hard-boiled detective story, science fiction, the utopian novel, plus re-workings of classical mythology, Arthurian legend, and the survival adventure. Berger's use of humor, and his often biting wit led many reviewers to refer to him as a satirist or "comic" novelist, descriptions he preferred to reject. His admirers often bemoaned that his talent and achievement were under-appreciated, in view of his versatility across many forms of fiction, his precise use of language, and his probing intelligence.


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