William Ellery Channing Photo

William Ellery Channing

Born: Apr 7, 1780

Death: Oct 2, 1842

Birthplace: Newport

Nationality: United States

William Ellery Channing

Date of Birth : Apr 7, 1780
Date of Death : Oct 2, 1842
Birth Place : Newport

William Ellery Channing was the foremost Unitarian preacher in the United States in the early nineteenth century and along with Andrews Norton, one of Unitarianism's leading theologians. He was known for his articulate and impassioned sermons and public speeches, and as a prominent thinker in the liberal theology of the day. Channing's religion and thought were among the chief influences on the New England Transcendentalists, though he never countenanced their views, which he saw as extreme. The beliefs he espoused, especially within his "Baltimore Sermon" of May 5, 1819, at the ordination of a future famous theologian and educator in his own right, Jared Sparks, as the first minister of the newly organized "First Independent Church of Baltimore". Here he espoused his principles and tenets of the developing philosophy and theology of "Unitarianism" resulted in the organization later in 1825 of the first Unitarian denomination in America and the later developments and mergers between Unitarians and Universalists resulting finally in the Unitarian Universalist Association of America in 1961.

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