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William Greene

Death: Nov 29, 1809

Birthplace: Warwick

Nationality: United States

William Greene

Date of Death : Nov 29, 1809
Birth Place : Warwick

William Greene was the second governor of the state of Rhode Island, serving in this capacity for eight years, five of which were during the American Revolutionary War. From a prominent Rhode Island family, his father, William Greene, had served 11 terms as a colonial governor of Rhode Island. His great grandfather, John Greene, Jr. served for ten years as deputy governor of the colony, and his great great grandfather, John Greene was a founding settler of both Providence and Warwick. Greene served the colony for many years as a Deputy to the General Assembly, a justice and chief justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court, and then as governor. As a governor during the American Revolutionary War, his biggest concerns were the British sacking of the Rhode Island towns of Bristol and Warren, and the British occupation of Newport, which lasted for three years. After eight years as governor, Greene, who supported the use of hard currency, was defeated in the May 1786 election by John Collins who was an advocate of paper money.


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