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William Joseph Snelling

Born: Dec 26, 1804

Death: Dec 24, 1848

Birthplace: Boston

Profession: Writer

Nationality: United States

William Joseph Snelling

Date of Birth : Dec 26, 1804
Date of Death : Dec 24, 1848
Birth Place : Boston

William Joseph Snelling was an American adventurer, writer, poet, and journalist. His short stories about American Indian life were the first to attempt to accurately portray the Plains Indians and among the first attempts at realism by an American writer. Snelling's short story collections were among the earliest in the United States. Snelling was born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts. He moved to the American frontier in Minnesota and, from his late teens to his mid-20s, traded with the American Indians and explored the area. He lived with the Dakota Indians for a time and learned their language and customs. In 1828, Snelling returned to Boston and began a writing career. He wrote for New England periodicals and earned friends and enemies with his opinion pieces on American society. Over the next 20 years, he tackled subjects such as American writing, gambling, and prison conditions.


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