William Kelly Photo

William Kelly

Born: Aug 21, 1811

Death: Feb 11, 1888

Birthplace: Pittsburgh

Nationality: United States

William Kelly

Date of Birth : Aug 21, 1811
Date of Death : Feb 11, 1888
Birth Place : Pittsburgh

William Kelly, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was an American inventor. He is credited with being one of the inventors of modern steel production, through the process of injecting air into molten iron, which he experimented with in the early 1850s. The same basic process was discovered independently by Henry Bessemer and patented in 1856. The two are considered co-creators of the air-blast concept that made steel a practical building material and dominated steel production until the early 20th century. Due to a financial panic in 1857, a company that had already licensed the Bessemer process was able to purchase Kelly's patents, and licensed both under a single scheme using the Bessemer name. Kelly's role in the invention of the process is much less known.

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