William Weatherford Photo

William Weatherford

Born: 1781

Death: Mar 24, 1824

Nationality: United States

William Weatherford

Date of Birth : 1781
Date of Death : Mar 24, 1824

Chief Red Eagle William Weatherford, also known as Lamochattee, was a Creek chief of the Upper Creek towns who led the Red Sticks' offensive in the Creek War against the United States. One of many mixed-race descendants of Southeast Indians who intermarried with European traders and later colonial settlers, William Weatherford was of mixed Creek, French and Scots ancestry. He was raised as a Creek in the matrilineal nation and achieved his power in it, through his mother's prominent Wind Clan, as well as his father's trading connections. After the war, he rebuilt his wealth as a slaveholding planter in lower Monroe County, Alabama. Note: Several sources state that Weatherford was born in 1765, the date recorded on his tombstone, located in Little River, Baldwin County, Alabama. Many sources state that his mother, Sehoy III, was born in 1759. Also, his siblings were born in the 1780s. It seems most likely that Weatherford's year of birth would be closer to 1780 or 1781.

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