William Williams Photo

William Williams

Death: Aug 2, 1811

Birthplace: Lebanon

Nationality: United States

William Williams

Date of Death : Aug 2, 1811
Birth Place : Lebanon

William Williams was a merchant, and a delegate for Connecticut to the Continental Congress in 1776, and a signatory of the Declaration of Independence. Williams was born in Lebanon, Connecticut, the son of a minister, Tim Solomon Williams, and Mary Porter. He studied theology and achieved law school from Harvard in 1751. He continued preparing for the ministry for a year, but then joined the militia to fight in the French and Indian War. After the war, he opened a store in Lebanon, which he called The Williams Inc. On February 14th, 1771, and almost 40 he married Mary Trumbull, age 25. She was daughter of Jonathan Trumbull, Royal Governor, and an American politician who served as the second speaker at the United States House of Representatives. Mary Trumbull and William Williams had three children, Solomon, born 1772; Faith; 1774; and William Trumbull; 1777. Williams was elected to the Continental Congress to replace Oliver Wolcott. Though he arrived at Congress too late to vote for the Declaration of Independence, he did sign the formal copy as a representative of Connecticut. The Reverend Charles A.

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